Fascinating Facts about Dolphins

Interesting or Surprising Facts about Dolphins

Do you know that dolphins are some of the most interesting creatures? Dolphins are not only extraordinary but also display culture, something which is typical of only humans. In fact, this is the reason why they are believed to be unique humans. Here are some revelations and interesting or surprising facts about dolphins.

1. Dolphins are the gangsters of the sea- Dolphins are known to be the gangsters of the sea since they have been seen patrolling the expanses of the sea in hierarchical pods. Each army of dolphins has a small subgroup which is given some tasks to do such as recruiting new members and protecting the female species. Besides, they also act as liaisons that go out and communicate with rival pods.

2. Genetically they resemble humans- As compared to other animals, dolphins are as smart as apes and can do many things that apes can be able to do. For instance, they can do things such as cultural transmission, mimicry, and mirror self-recognition. It’s believed that dolphins’ minds evolved to enable complex cognition just like human beings. Also, they have a high metabolic rate that allows their body to power their energy-demanding brains.

3. Dolphins are born with a mustache- Although they may appear smooth, dolphins do have hair at one point of their lives. When they are still young, they often have little remnants of hair right along the top where people’s upper lip would be. However, because of swimming this hair falls out very quickly.

4. They have funny penises that resemble the hand- The male dolphins have one of the strangest sex organs on the planet. Just like humans use their hands to feel their way around, dolphins have retractable penises that are used to navigate the sea. More so, its propensity often depends on his penis that acts as a do it all multi-tool.

5. They can sniff out bombs- Normally, they are used by the navy to clear underwater mines. Just like the way they train dogs, the military train dolphins by teaching them how to spot and to detect explosives and then mark them for the navy to disarm. The only disadvantage is that it’s hard to differentiate between a military dolphin and a wild one. This is why the enemy could indiscriminately attack all dolphins they see.

6. Dolphins can be color blind- When it comes to colors, what dolphins see is not known to researchers. Due to the absence of certain cones in the eyes they cannot see colors in a green spectrum. Although some studies have proven that they may have color vision it’s not yet known whether what they are responding to is color or brightness.

7. Dolphins have a strange sense of hearing- Even though they don’t have prominent external hear openings, their ears are small slits found behind the eyes. Sounds are, therefore, conducted tothe inner ear by flat lobes found in the lower jaw within the skull.

8. Their forelimbs are called pectoral flippers- As a matter of fact, the forelimps of a dolphin resemble those of other mammals. However, the bones in the forelimbs are short and rigid. This allows them to modulate their speed in water.

Well, those are some interesting or surprising facts about dolphins. Thanks to Garo Kassabian fantastic support.